Den building

Key stage 2 children have been using the new woodland resources to build and play in some brilliant dens.

Emergency Situations

Today, in our Jigsaw session we have been learning about and discussing what to do in different emergency situations. We have learnt about how to put someone in the recovery position.

Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

The system for supporting children and young people with additional learning needs and disability in Wales is changing. A new, more flexible and responsive system of meeting the needs of children and young people with additional learning needs and disabilities is being implemented, ensuring a fully inclusive education system for the learners of Wales.

Our school’s Additional Learning Needs Co-Ordinator is Jane Watts who can be contacted via email on:

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Super Eggs!

The children of Barcud Coch did an amazing job decorating eggs in with a super hero theme! Well done everyone.

Pupil Led Planning

Today, the children in Barcud Coch decided what they wanted to learn in each curriculum area for next term. They were given the title of ‘Out of this World!’ Here’s what they came up with.

Global Citizenship

The class have been looking into ‘Plastic Seas’ and ‘Clothing deserts’ this week. They have been thinking about why these are such serious situations and how we might reduce the pollution happening. They held group think tank discussions to share their findings.

Impelo Dance

We had a great time learning about cells through dance with the Impelo dance group.