Play Adverts and Trailers

The children created a story board and used this as a plan for an advert to advertise their up coming play. We then filmed the adverts. They also worked in groups to produce a trailer about the play. Have a look on your child’s HWB – J2E – Shared folder, to see what they have been up to!

Christmas Fair Preparation

The children have been busy glittering, painting, threading, hammering and gluing in order to prepare their wares for the Christmas Fair. We are a little excited!

Giglets Story Telling

We listen to a live streaming of a story called ‘What do Monsters Munch?’ We joined in with the actions and even got 4 of our ideas read out by the presenter!

After the reading we were told about a competition to win a Giglets class box with helpful reading prizes in. If anyone would like to enter this competition you need to design a monster cake. This could be a drawing, painting or 3D model (Lego or junk modelling possibly?). If you do want to do this please bring in your entry of the Monday after half term. Happy creating!

Science games

We used our learning about human systems to create boards games. This was a lot of fun!


We had a lot of fun at Zumba on Wednesday. Thank you Tania!