Diwali 2019

In Golden Time we have been making things to celebrate Diwali. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and found out that light is very important in the festival. Here is what we have made.

The Wizard of Oz

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the Wizard of Oz. We read the story first to get information about the characters, settings and plot. We then created a story mountain highlighting the most important parts of the story. To add more detail we watched the film. Everyone loved the film.

We went onto painting the different settings using the correct colours. We wanted to describe the different settings and used a thesaurus to search for WOW words.

Finally we were ready to write out own stories. We used Alan Peat sentence structures, description, similes, speech and different forms of punctuation.

Word Aware!

Word Aware- Teaching vocabulary across the day, across the curriculum!

Why Word aware?

Vocabulary levels are strong predictors of later literacy skills.

Without a good vocabulary, children struggle to understand what they are taught, to express how they feel, to manage social situations and resolve conflicts.

If a child is in the lowest 20% in vocabulary knowledge at age 5, and you want them to move to an average level within three years, they would have to learn 20 new words a day, every day, for each of those three years!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

This week we have been learning all about the Wizard of Oz. We have created our own story mountain by looking at the characters, settings and plot. We then watched the film which we all loved. We could see the difference between black and white and colour images, which helped us understand more about the creation of film.