Superhero Thursday!

Today’s challenge is to design and create a superhero.  Think carefully about the following:

  • your superhero’s name
  • your superhero’s secret identity
  • your superhero’s special powers
  • does your superhero have a weakness?
  • who is your superhero’s arch-nemesis?
  • where does your superhero live?
  • give examples of when your superhero has ‘saved the day’

Use the list above to write a character description about your superhero or a fact file.

I look forward to seeing your creations!

Tuesday Literacy Challenge

Could you design and create an Easter card to give or post to a family member?  Look at examples on the Internet for effective ideas you can try.  I’d love to see a picture of your cards!

Create our own game!

Your challenge today is to create your own game.  It may be a board game, a physical game like ‘tag’ or a scoring game like netball or football.  When you have a clear idea of the rules of your game you need to write out a set of clear, easy to follow instructions.

Instructions Checklist

  • Use ‘How to……..’ in the title
  • Lists (materials, equipment etc.)
  • Numbers/letters or bullet points to show order
  • Imperative verbs
  • Short, clear sentences
  • Diagrams/illustrations

Enjoy creating!

Story Starters

Choose one of the story starters below and write a middle and an ending to create your own story.

Jack liked collecting the eggs from the chickens each morning.  Living on a farm was hard work but it meant you could choose the biggest egg to have for your breakfast! That particular morning, however, when Dad cracked Jack’s egg into the frying pan, something very unexpected fell out.

“It’s a goal!” yelled James.  James and Emma watched as the ball flew over the wall. Then there was silence broken only by the tinkling sound of broken glass.

I used to dream about climbing a rainbow.  Then one day I woke up to find that at the end of the rainbow had appeared right in my back garden.


Weekend Challenge! Set up Shop!

Whilst we are restricting our visits to shops and supermarkets, your very own shop can be open today.

Choose items for your shop and price them depending on the challenge level that you are going to do.  The challenge levels are listed below ranging from reception to year 3 level.

R – Use 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins to pay for items.

1 – Use different combinations of money to pay for items up to 20p.

2 – Use different combinations of money to pay for items up to £1.

3 – Use different combinations of money to pay for items up to £2.

Happy shopping!