Headed Into Space!

We have worked ever so hard to code a message, image and temperature. We have had to write the code exactly right. We came across a few problems, we worked as a group to overcome these.

Team Lego have just submitted their code that will now be played on the International Space Station.

Dydd Santes Dwynwen

We read the story of Santes Dwynwen and talked about wishes. What would we wish for? To celebrate her life we made our own hearts using paint pens. We all enjoyed creating our colourful hearts.

We also used Micro Bit to code our own flashing heart.

Evacuation During World War II

We were told that we were going to be evacuated. We had a night to pack our cases. What would we take?

This is an example of one of our cases. We had lots of ideas such as photos, teddies, blankets, Xbox, journal, clothes, pens and games.

We then looked at what an actual evacuee packed and we were shocked at how little they took with them. We discussed why they were not taking things like a PlayStation. We discussed needs and wants.

We then filled out an identity card. We had to include our name, school and a description.

After reading Carries war and learning a lot about evacuation we decided to write a letter back home .We discussed how we would feel if we were sent away to live with a stranger. We talked about the train journey to the new place.

Spitfire Planes

We made our own Spitfire planes. We had to use camouflage colours to colour the plane in. We carefully cut all the pieces out and stuck them together. We then built the plane reading the instructions carefully. Our planes can be seen hanging from the ceiling in the classroom.



We have been learning about rationing during World War 2. We read lots of information and researched on the laptops to understand what rationing was.

We had to keep a food diary for a week. Once we had completed the diary we then coloured the items that were rationed during the war. We also looked at war time recipes and decided that they were very different from today.

We found out that is wasn’t just food that was rationed but clothes too. We researched how many clothes coupons we would have a year. We then used these coupons to create our own war time wardrobe. We had to use our maths skills to work out how many coupons we had used. We couldn’t believe how little they were allowed compared to what we have today.

Sporting News!

On Tuesday 4th February Y3 children will be taking part in a cluster ‘Ball skills’ event at Presteigne, organised by Jody Owen, Sports Development Officer for the area.  Watch this space for feedback from the children and photos of the event!

On Thursday 6th February children in KS2 will have the opportunity to take part in the first cluster cross country meet of the year!  This time it will be held within the school day and Knighton are hosting the event over at Bryn Y Castell/Football club.  We look forward to lots of the children taking part!

Safer Internet Day

We completed activities for ‘Safer Internet Day’ and P.C. Ainsworth came into school to talk to us about how to stay safe online.

We drew and described our ‘online identity’.


Safer Internet Day

We have completed a range of exciting and engaging activities as part of our ‘Safer Internet Day’.

We started off the day discussing ‘identity’ and completing an activity about our identity and the things that make us special and unique.

We welcomed PC Ainsworth who talked to us about online safety.

We read an interesting story called ‘Digiduck’s Famous Friend’ which demonstrated in a safe and interesting way, that people online may not always be who they say they are, and that ‘friends’ made solely online are still strangers.

We also we talked about online activities that make pupils happy.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Digital Camera