How to Access the OneNote

One Note will act as a school workbook. Children are able to complete the work set each day in this notebook.

From Monday 20th April I will be uploading work onto the OneNote and the school website and have included a timetable below. I know it is a very stressful and tense time, please do not put pressure on yourselves to follow the timetable. You may want to customise it to suit your family and home. you are all doing a great job already.

I will upload a weeks worth of work on the weekend.

How to Access Work on One Note



Create a Easter scene in scratch making some of the characters move in different ways. Lets see how much you can remember about creating backgrounds and characters.

Access Scratch by typing it into google and pressing create.


We didn’t get enough time to learn about VE Day and Hiroshima. I would like to research these and tell me a little about them both. You could draw, write or make. It is entirely up to you. You could complete on the HWB platform where you can use Word or PowerPoint.

Easter Challenge!

This one may take a while so don’t feel you have to complete it all today. At the start of the term in January we had a commission as part of our mantle. We were asked by Hasbro games to create a monopoly board on World War II. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to do this.

So you need to create a board with squares about the war. Create six counters and your own money. You need to write out community chest and chance cards on the following:
– declaration of war
– evacuation
– rationing
– battle of Britain
– the blitz
– keeping safe
– holocaust
– VE day
– Hiroshima

Once finished play with your family to see if you need to add anything to make your game even better!

You may do this on card, paper or you could try and create it on office 365. If you want an extra challenge then write your own rules. I’m looking forward to seeing your games!

Superhero and Code

As your good deed of the day, create a superhero. I would like you to draw your superhero and label it. Then write about your superhero and how he/she helps others. Remember your adjectives.

As an extra challenge, write a note to me using the Morse Code. See if I can break your code and send a message back.


Artwork and Models!

Bore Da Pawb!

Today’s Challage

As we have all loved learning about World War 2, it’s time to raid your recycling boxes. Can you make me something from World War 2? It could be a spitfire, tank, gas mask, Anderson shelter or ration book.

You could build a model using recycling materials, draw a picture or use Lego.

If you have access to a printer there are lovely activities on Twinkl (enter code UKTWINKLHELPS). This is where I go the spitfires from that were hanging from the ceiling in class.

Have a lovely day!