Our Victorian Museum

Mrs Wood bought in some Victorian artefacts to look at. We were then commissioned to create our own models of the artefacts and research information about them to put in our class museum.

Anifail Anwes

This week we have transformed our old sock in to animal puppets. We used our Welsh language skills to carefully follow the instructions written in Welsh to make our puppets.

We are going to use these puppets to make an animation using iMotion.

Circus Skills

We enjoyed working with Peter Duncan learning some Circus Skills. We developed our problem solving, communication and creative skills whilst working independently and collaboratively.

Tracey Corderoy

On Monday we were treated to a story session with author Tracey Corderoy. She read a few of her stories to us and she asked us to help her illustrate ‘Slippery Sam’.

Digital Camera

Knighton Workhouse

We have been finding out about the workhouse in Knighton. We created a series of movements depicting a day in the workhouse. We have also written diary entries to accompany these dances.

Pancake Day Celebrations

We enjoyed celebrating Shrove Tuesday and making pancakes with Mrs Wood and Miss Love. We used our knowledge of fractions to share our pancakes into equal halves and quarters. We also wrote our recipes for our pancakes.