Week 12 Summer Term W/C 13th July 2020

Please find the relevant work for week 12 below;


Foundation Phase_Summer Term_Week12

Welsh Activities;

Activity 30(i) – Language Mat – Fish

Activity 30(ii) – Language Mat – Octopus

Activity 30(iii) – Language Mat – Jelly Fish

Activity 37(iii) Language Mat

Knowledge and Understanding of the World;

Monday KUW Rainbow experiment


Maths Reception Monday 1-20 Number Line

Maths Year 1 Monday Resource Sheet 1437

Maths Year 2 and Year 3 Monday Number Cards

Maths Year 2 Monday Resource Sheet 1088


Maths Year 1 Tuesday Resource Sheet 1439

Year 2 Tuesday Maths 1-100 Number Square Grid


Maths Reception Year 1 Wednesday Resource Sheet 1145

Maths Year 2 Wednesday Resource Sheet 1440

Maths Year 3 Wednesday Resource Sheet 1441


Maths Thursday Reception Resource Sheet 1443

Maths Year 1 Thursday Resource Sheet 1291

Year 3 Thursday Maths


Maths Friday Reception Year 1 Resource Sheet 1291

Maths Friday Year 1 Resource Sheet 1445

Maths Friday Year 2 Resource Sheet 1446


Enjoy the weekend and week ahead.

Stay Safe.

Diolch, Thank you.

Miss Davies, Mrs Blower and Mrs Fielding.