Maths Enrichment Morning!

We spent the morning up on the field, in our ‘bubble’ , completing maths activities in a practical way.  Some of the skills we used were:- working as a team, rounding knowledge, understanding angles and turns, using co-ordinates, understanding symmetry and properties of 2D shapes.

‘We enjoyed being in the fresh air, able to mix with different children in our bubble, from the other class’  Herbie

‘I enjoyed completing the maths with different friends in my bubble’  Lacey

‘I liked Mrs Watts’ activity- we had to find a secret message!’  Will

‘I enjoyed using a compass’  Alice

‘It was really fun, even though we were doing work at the same time!’  Tegan

Lest we forget....

We have been researching ‘War Animals’ in order to paint pictures of these brave creatures and write poetry from their perspective.

‘I enjoyed doing the painting as we don’t often have the opportunity to paint.  It was emotional to find out about what some of these animals had to do during war’ (Lacey)

‘I found out that goats helped out in WW1 and possibly WW2, they could see bombs and pushed the soldiers away from the bombs!’ (Rosie)

‘The pigeons were used for spying and sending messages’ (Herbie)

‘Elephants were used for carrying guns, on their backs, they must have been scared and upset!’ (Evie)

‘Dogs were used to sniff out soldiers that had been injured, they were very clever and well-trained’ (Lilien)

STEM day

Today, Barcud Coch have been investing forces. They have learnt about Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of motion. They have identified balanced and unbalanced forces.

Exciting, fun games at play!

Bets said, “I like doing gymnastics with my friends.”

Adam said, “Making the den is fun!”

Rhys said, “I enjoy playing football with everyone.”

Tegan and Evie said, “We enjoy playing tag rugby.”


Capture the base.

We found out about the game ‘Capture the Base’ which we enjoyed playing in the sunshine! This was in Physical Literacy time. We used lots of communication and strategising skills to try and win the game. 

Literacy Enrichment Day

We had a great time acting out Kung Fu moves to Kung Fu punctuation marks. We made lots of noise and had a giggle. Lots of the class were tired after their work out