Sporting News!

On Tuesday 4th February Y3 children will be taking part in a cluster ‘Ball skills’ event at Presteigne, organised by Jody Owen, Sports Development Officer for the area.  Watch this space for feedback from the children and photos of the event!

On Thursday 6th February children in KS2 will have the opportunity to take part in the first cluster cross country meet of the year!  This time it will be held within the school day and Knighton are hosting the event over at Bryn Y Castell/Football club.  We look forward to lots of the children taking part!

Stem Kitchen in Y5 and Y6

On Wednesday 9th October we enjoyed our ‘Stem Science’ day as a school.  In Year 5 and Year 6 we carried out some investigations from ‘Stem Kitchen’- they were great fun!  Our focus was ‘Materials and their Properties’.


Playful Play!

Y5 children have had an amazing few sessions with Ben Webb, learning about ‘Playful Play’ and children’s rights.

They now have the skills to lead play within the playground as ‘Play Leaders’ 🙂

Word Aware!

Word Aware- Teaching vocabulary across the day, across the curriculum!

Why Word aware?

Vocabulary levels are strong predictors of later literacy skills.

Without a good vocabulary, children struggle to understand what they are taught, to express how they feel, to manage social situations and resolve conflicts.

If a child is in the lowest 20% in vocabulary knowledge at age 5, and you want them to move to an average level within three years, they would have to learn 20 new words a day, every day, for each of those three years!


In Aderyn Du and Barcud Coch spelling activity homework will be given out on a TUESDAY, to be returned the following TUESDAY.  Minute Maths homework will be given out on a THURSDAY, to be returned the following THURSDAY.  In additon to these weekly homework activities we may, on occasions, ask children to complete some problem solving activities or reading comprehension work in order to consoildate learning that has taken place in class.

READING- We require the children to read 4 times a week at home and that an adult signs their reading record each time that they have read.  Although many of the children read fluently by the time that they reach Year 5 and Year 6 it is still very important that they read as often as possible, and vary the type of material that they are reading.  Reading to an adult at this age is also encouraged in order that unfamiliar vocabulary is highlighted, or the content of a book or article discussed.