Literacy week 11 hybrid texts

Hi everyone. Well done for keeping up with the work and sending work in for us to see. I hope those of you that have been into school have enjoyed it. Get in touch as usual if you need any help. This week you will be writing up the information you have found out and explaining how hydroelectricity is made.

Explanation text example

Planning week 11

Maths planning for W/B 06/07/2020

Hi everyone!

Hopefully you’ve managed to get on okay with the Abacus maths from this week- remember that if you’re not quite sure of something then it’s worth having a quick look on BBC Bitesize or if you’re coming into school then you can check on something with us then!  Mrs Watts will also be available daily on the Teams chat too!

Have a lovely weekend, it’s been a long week but fabulous seeing lots of you back in school!


Maths worksheets 06072020

Literacy - Explanation texts about Elan Valley

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine.

Here’s the literacy for this week. You will be researching and developing skills in order to write an explanation text next week. For this week you need to do lots of research using the Elan Valley website but if you can’t assess this for whatever reason I have copied the relevant pages and attached them below.

From this week if you have any questions or problems on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays could you please contact Mrs. Watts between 8am and 4pm through Teams, email or messenger and she will answer these as soon as she can as Mrs. Rimmer will be in school, thank you.


HISTORY and timeline 







week 10 explanation texts

Maths Planning for w/b 29/06/2020

Hi everyone!  Well we’re very excited that we get to see lots of you next week- in person! However we still have work to do at home!  Here is the Maths planning for next week- as always, please just let us know if you have any problems with it!  Have a lovely weekend 🙂



Monday Green/Light Blue work

Monday Dark Blue/Red work

Tuesday Green/Light Blue work

Tuesday Dark Blue/Red work part 1

Tuesday Dark Blue/Red part 2

Wednesday Green/Light Blue work

Wednesday Dark Blue/Red work part 1

Wednesday Dark Blue/Red work part 2

Thursday Green/Light Blue work

Thursday Dark Blue/Red work part 1

Thursday Dark Blue/Red work part 2

Friday Green/Light Blue work

Friday Dark Blue/Red work part 1

Friday Dark Blue/Red work part 2

Mantle of the Expert 22/06/2020

Good morning everyone!  Hopefully you’ve had a lovely weekend and are now ready to tackle the week ahead!

We look forward to receiving your work from the Titanic commission!

Also, don’t forget to scroll down and continue with some of the Welsh activities that we attached for you several weeks back.  Thank you to those of you that are keeping up with the Welsh and sending in evidence of the tasks that you’ve completed- bendigedig!

Week 8 Literacy - Playscript planning

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all keeping well. Thank you for continuing to complete the work set. We love looking at the work you send us. Here is the work for next week. You will be building up knowledge to write a playscript next week. Get in touch, as usual, if you need any help/support.

colons_semicolons and dashes activity

Find the features of a playscript

Identifying an Adverb in a Sentence 1 star

Identifying an Adverb in a Sentence – 2 star

Identifying an Adverb in a Sentence 3 star

Identifying an Adverb in a Sentence Powerpoint

Oliver Twist playscript reading comprehension_all levels and answer sheets

Water Woman comprehension_all levels and answer sheets

Week 8_Playscripts

Mantle of the Expert work for w/b 15/06/2020 and 22/06/2020

Hello everyone!

The planning for the next two weeks is a ‘Mantle of the Expert’ commission and will cover a number of curriculum areas, this will replace the usual maths planning.  It is based on the Titanic!  Please take your time with the commission and complete it as thoroughly as possible- be creative and challenge yourself!  Enjoy!

As usual, any problems just ask us, either via email or through the Teams chat!

Mantle of the Expert Titanic Commission