Literacy work for w/b 080321

Hi everyone!  Well this is the last week of distance learning before we welcome you all back to school on MONDAY 15th MARCH!  It’s going to be lovely to see you all in person again, rather than through a screen!

Here is your literacy work for this week- you will be continuing to write your story.  Please read the notes below carefully before you complete your work.




ALAN PEAT Sentences



PE for the w/b 01/03/21

This week we would like you to come up with a ‘trick shot’ of some sort, using a football, rugby ball, tennis ball, whatever ball you may have at home!

Film yourself performing the trick shot if you can.

You may want to research different trick shots if you’re stuck for ideas.

Write instructions on how to complete the trick shot and email them to us or post them on Teams.

We would also like you to complete two 1 mile walks/runs or bike rides this week please.