science Thursday 12 November

Presentation and science work weeks 8 and 9

paper for melting activity


Read through the powerpoint and it will guide you through the investigation

Write up each section

Complete the investigation using the squared paper to melt your items on

Record your results in a table as shown

Keep them for next week

You will need-chocolate .butter, candle wax, ice cream and an ice cube. All in similar quantities to 1 ice cube so the test is fair

Science: Thursday 5 November

changes of state card sort


revised concept diagram

Changing states Cloze

Read through the powerpoint .

Then complete

  • the card sort activity to match the vocabulary to its definition (cut and stick the matching pairs)
  • the changing states cloze work – add the correct vocabulary to the text
  • finally complete your own changing state of water poster using the arrows , boxes and instructions on the final sheet

Banner style vote!

Powys County Council wants to tell you when there are exciting changes to our schools. To do this, they want to find out which of their banners you like the best. Once everyone has voted, they will add up all the votes and see which one children like the best. They will then use this style when they have something to tell, or ask you.

Please copy and paste the link below into the bar where you usually type a web address, this will take you to a short Powys survey about your preferred style of banner.

Week 11- Sorry it's late!

Week 11 plan

week 11 maths coordinates


week 11 welsh

Iaith – This week we will look at some reading comprehension.

Guided Reading Groupings

Green – The Discovery The-Discovery-Y2m-Y3s-Y4e-Emerald-Lime-Guided-Reading-Pack

Blue – African Emergency African-Emergency-Y3m-Y4s-Y5e-Sapphire-Guided-Reading-Pack Blue

Red – Olympic Glory Olympic-Glory-Y4m-Y5d-Y6e-Sapphire-Guided-Reading-Pack-CfW Red

All the answers are at the back of the pack. 

Mantle – 0607