Emergency Packs 

If you are unable to come to school for COVID-related reasons, please complete this work and email it to us. This work can also be completed if our class bubble has to be closed.

Emergency Pack

Below are documents which show you how we add, subtract, divide and multiply in year 3. Set your children some number sentences and work through these together.

Four Operations Black

Four Operations Red

Four Operations Green

Four Operations Blue

If you would like to do something fun with your kids after all that school work here is a list of challenges I created during the March lockdown.


Self Isolating 

I will also include a document on How to access Microsoft Teams and the work we will be completing in class. If you are self isolating your child will be able to access all the work we are doing in class.

How to Access Work on One Note

Help & Contact

Please get in touch using the email below or the class facebook messenger.


If you need any help during a school closure please do not hesitate to email me. I will be able to assist with any of the following:

  • Questions and further understanding of any work that has been set
  • How you can further support your child’s learning
  • If you need extra work for your child
  • If you have any problems or questions about using HWB, Office 365, TTRockstars or Scratch

I will do my best to help!

Mrs Drakeford

Dragons Causing Chaos!

We listened to a clip and discussed what could be happening. We thought the noise could be lions, cheetahs, bears, dinosaurs, crocodiles or dragons. We researched each to learn more about them.

We then received a letter explaining that there were dragons fighting and keeping the village up all night with their noise. It was time to problem solve. We came up with the following ideas.

  • Use DNA to create a new dragon to fight them.
  • Build a machine to kill the dragons.
  • Headphones/Ear Defenders to block the noise.
  • Instructions to scare it away.
  • Train the dragons.
  • Relocate the dragons.
  • Put the fires out with water.
  • Tracking/Drone to find the dragons.
  • Find out what is bothering the dragons.

The first thing we decided to do was to create ear defenders for the village to wear when we are trying to solve the problem. We tested different materials and found out that foam would work the best. We then designed our ear defenders and created adverts for them.

Banner style vote!

Powys County Council wants to tell you when there are exciting changes to our schools. To do this, they want to find out which of their banners you like the best. Once everyone has voted, they will add up all the votes and see which one children like the best. They will then use this style when they have something to tell, or ask you.

Please copy and paste the link below into the bar where you usually type a web address, this will take you to a short Powys survey about your preferred style of banner.



Here is a list of challenges you can tick off as you go. I think these will be good for those days where motivation is low. Something fun that they are still learning from. Add challenges that you think of. I will try and complete a challenge everyday and upload to then Facebook page to get you all motivated. Let your child choose which he/she would like to do.