Investigating Christmas Cards

Today we have been busy investigating different types of Christmas cards.  We have looked at the four types of Christmas card; Biblical, Secular, Humorous and Victorian and discussed their similarities and differences.

In our groups we sorted the Christmas cards in a variety of ways.

Christmas fair!

The children enjoyed visiting the KS2 Christmas Fair this afternoon.  KS2 pupils and staff have been working very hard designing and making products all week to sell at the fair.  It was lovely to see it so well supported!

Pupil Voice.....Planning for Spring Term!

As part of our Spring Term topic ‘Our Wonderful World’, we read the story ‘Emma Jane’s Aeroplane’.

We freeze framed halfway through the story and in our ‘Mantle of the Expert’ groups we predicted and acted out alternative endings to the story.


In our ‘Mantle of the Expert’ groups we also thought about what we would like to learn this term.

We produced mind maps showing our ideas.


Food bank delivery!

Helen Anderson from Knighton food bank was delighted to receive our donations today.  Many thanks to all who donated to such a worthy local cause.



Library Visit

Today we went for a walk to the library.  We were welcomed by Hannah who kindly read us a story and allowed us to use the school library card to borrow some exciting and interesting stories.  We had a fabulous time.  Many thanks to the volunteers that joined us on the walk.

Knighton Food bank!

We are very pleased to be supporting Knighton Food bank this year.  Helen Anderson has been to visit Foundation Phase to explain to us how the food bank supports local people.

If you would like to donate any non-perishable food items, please see Sarah by 2nd December.


Parts of a plant

As part of our work on Jack and the Beanstalk, we have been learning about plants.  We have investigated the parts of a plant and discussed their functions.

Walk around Knighton

Jack (the beanstalk) wanted us to find out about Knighton for him, as he is thinking about moving to Knighton in order to escape the giant.

We enjoyed walking around Knighton and identifying the human and physical features of the town.