Friday 7th January 2022-Reception/Year 1 Blended Learning

Nessy and Emile

Play some games on Nessy and Emile to practise your reading, spelling and number skills. Logins are in your home readers and instructions were sent home last term and are on the website under your child’s class.


Look at your reading books that were sent home at the end of term. Please remember to comment in the reading record.

Name Writing

If your child is unable to write their name, this could be practised in felt tip pen, outside with a brush and water or paint on paper.


Practise forming your numbers correctly.  Can you put the correct number of objects by each number? Can year ones go up to 20?

Play some of the above counting games.

Favourite Christmas Present

Draw a picture of your favourite Christmas gift and colour it in. Can you label what it is? For some this will be mark making. Can you write why you like it so much.



Nessy and Emile

As you are aware, the school has purchased ‘Nessy’ and ‘Emile’, which your children can access at home. Nessy develops reading and spelling skills and Emile develops mathematical skills through the playing of fun games. Your child has their login details for both Nessy and Emile inside their yellow home reader books. Google either Nessy or Emile and enter your login details.


Enter the secret word ‘HAPPYFINCH’ and then click ‘Login.’

Once you have entered your login details you will see the following page.

Select Nessy Reading and Spelling and away you go!


Select ‘Student Login.’

Select ‘Browser option’ and type ‘Knighton CIW Primary School’ and enter your login details.

At the above screen ensure that ‘Number Sense’ is selected on the left side and click ‘Number Primus.’ A game will then appear. Enjoy!


The Animal Man!

Today we loved the visit from the Animal Man. We were so brave and enjoyed touching, stroking and holding lots of exciting animals that some of us had never seen before.


Science Enrichment Day!

We have been using our investigative and experimental skills to carry out a range of activities.  We have had lots of fun!

We have made:

  • electrical circuits to make the light bulb light,
  • soap bubble prints using paint, washing-up liquid and water,
  • erupting volcanoes, using vinegar, washing-up liquid, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda,
  • boats out of tin foil and testing to see if they would float or sink,
  • growing rainbows with kitchen roll, felt-tip pens, water, paperclips and thread.

Well-being Enrichment Day

We have had an amazing day doing a range of exciting activities!!

We have been very busy baking cakes, painting pictures, riding on the bikes,  making masks and doing music and movement in the gym.

Music Workshop

We had a great time at the music workshop with Jim! We listened to him playing his instruments and loved playing the boom whackers!

Beanstalk Building!

This afternoon, we had great fun building a beanstalk that was longer than all of us! The children showed great building skills and wonderful engagement in the task.