Head Bump Procedure

Request to Administer Medication

School Motto – Caru Duw (Welsh)

Guidance on Infection Control in Schools

School Motto – Love of God (English)

School Mission Statement

Accessibility Plan


Complaints Policy

Intervention & Use of Physical Force Policy

Race Equality Policy

Inclusion & ALN Policy

Charging Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Child Protection Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Safeguarding Policy


Documents available for downloading

Lunch Menu 6th November – 23rd March 2018

Swimming Dates – Autumn Term 2017

Lunch Menu 24th April – 27th October 2017

Estyn Follow-Up Report – Knighton CIW School – June 2016

Request to Administer Medication

Term Dates 2017 – 2018

Response to Parent Questionnaire – October 2015

Privacy Notice – Issued January 2016

Equality Plan Questionnaire – Parents / Carers

Equality Plan 2016-2020

Powys Traffic Light Attendance Scheme