Today we held a ‘Digi-Day’ in order to enhance and develop our data and computational thinking skills, We used digital devices to program, follow and predict sequences.



Fairtrade Visit to Co-op

On Friday 9th March, pupils from years One and Two visited the Co-op in Knighton to learn about fairtrade. Co-op staff told the pupils about fairtrade and we then went looking for fairtrade items around the store.

The children were also given a piece of fruit to take back to school. Yummy! SAM_9757 SAM_9758 SAM_9756

Physical Literacy

Pupils in Year One and Two enjoyed their first physical literacy session with Jody Owen, developing skills such as throwing and catching. The teachers loved observing the session, gaining ideas for future PE work and watching the children work so hard! SAM_9528 SAM_9529 SAM_9531 SAM_9535


Today, Emma, the school nurse visited our classes. She taught us how to wash our hands carefully so that we stop the spreading of germs. She put some ‘friendly germs’ on our hands and we saw them glow under her magic lamp. We are all going to make sure we wash our hands thoroughly from now on! DSC03173 DSC03174 DSC03175