Maths Enrichment Afternoon

We recognised and named a number and placed it on our coats. We cycled round the playground and then parked at the correct/matching number in the car park.

Physical Literacy

We have enjoyed playing games with the parachute this week with Sally Urwin during our Physical Literacy sessions.



We have been celebrating the Hindu Festival of Diwali. Look at our fantastic Rangoli Patterns.


Children In Need

We all made an amazing effort for dress up day today!

Thanks to all of the parents and carers for your support and kind donations!

Fruit Kebabs

We designed and made a healthy fruit kebab for the Skeletons (from the story of Funnybones) to enjoy on their Skeleton picnic. We also used ordinal numbers and instruction writing to write the recipe and method.

They were very yummmmmmy!!

Autumn Topic

Our topic this term is ‘Fighting Fit’. We are using the story of ‘Funnybones’ as a stimulus.

Here, we made our very own skeleton characters;

Week 13 Summer Term W/C 20th July 2020

Please find the relevant work for week 13 below;


Foundation Phase_Summer Term_Week13

Welsh Activities;

Dw i’n hoffi bwyta music –

Dwi’n hoffi bwyta hufen iâ – Lawr ar lan y mor.

Knowledge and Understanding;

Monday KUW Leaf Necklace


Make your own Clock

Maths Monday Year 1 Resource Sheet 1521

Maths Monday Year 2 Resource Sheet 1520

Maths Tuesday Year 1 Resource Sheet 1524

Maths Wednesday Reception Resource Sheet 303 

Maths Thursday Reception Year 1 Resource Sheet 145

Maths Thursday Year 1 Resource Sheet 1526

Maths Thursday Year 2 Friday Year 1 Year 3Make a clock

Maths Thursday Year 3 Resource Sheet 1527

Maths Friday Reception Resource Sheet 1528


Enjoy the weekend and week ahead.

Stay Safe.

Diolch, Thank you.

Miss Davies, Mrs Blower and Mrs Fielding.

Week 12 Summer Term W/C 13th July 2020

Please find the relevant work for week 12 below;


Foundation Phase_Summer Term_Week12

Welsh Activities;

Activity 30(i) – Language Mat – Fish

Activity 30(ii) – Language Mat – Octopus

Activity 30(iii) – Language Mat – Jelly Fish

Activity 37(iii) Language Mat

Knowledge and Understanding of the World;

Monday KUW Rainbow experiment


Maths Reception Monday 1-20 Number Line

Maths Year 1 Monday Resource Sheet 1437

Maths Year 2 and Year 3 Monday Number Cards

Maths Year 2 Monday Resource Sheet 1088


Maths Year 1 Tuesday Resource Sheet 1439

Year 2 Tuesday Maths 1-100 Number Square Grid


Maths Reception Year 1 Wednesday Resource Sheet 1145

Maths Year 2 Wednesday Resource Sheet 1440

Maths Year 3 Wednesday Resource Sheet 1441


Maths Thursday Reception Resource Sheet 1443

Maths Year 1 Thursday Resource Sheet 1291

Year 3 Thursday Maths


Maths Friday Reception Year 1 Resource Sheet 1291

Maths Friday Year 1 Resource Sheet 1445

Maths Friday Year 2 Resource Sheet 1446


Enjoy the weekend and week ahead.

Stay Safe.

Diolch, Thank you.

Miss Davies, Mrs Blower and Mrs Fielding.