Sweetshop Dance Workshop

Children from the Children’s Centre and Dosbarth Gwennol enjoyed working with Sweetshop Dance Workshop to create their own Superhero inspired dance.

Resolving Conflicts

As part of our PSHE work on relationships, we identified some things that may cause conflict between friends. We then demonstrated through role play how to use positive problem solving techniques to resolve these conflicts.

Floating and Sinking

We followed instructions in Welsh to make our own paper boats. We floated the boats and estimated how many unifix blocks it would take to sink the boat. We recorded our results on a table.



The last time the children were with Sally they wanted to know where other places were, and which direction to point at for them. So this afternoon the children went out with compasses, maps and clipboards to identify which way was North, where familiar places were and to learn how to read maps!

The last time the children worked with Sally they were asking where other places were in relation to Knighton. So this afternoon the class went out with compasses, maps and a clipboard.