Mista Urdd

We have had a fantastic afternoon meeting Mista Urdd. Rhiannon Walker told us about The Urdd and what we can do to be part of it. Mista Urdd had some very good dance moves and entertained us all.

Diolch yn fawr.




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Creative Schools - Friday 19th January 2018

Another fantastic day with Jim and Ruth! Today the children started making models using plasticine and Jim showed the children different techniques to create their models ready for animation. We then went outside with Ruth and started to create a den which we are going to use for our kingdom. We used big branches from trees and string to construct the den, great fun!

Brilliant day, even if it was slightly chilly outside! 🙂


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Cluster Cross-Country

On Thursday 9th November, we hosted the Cluster Cross-Country event.

We had nearly 30 pupils competing against pupils from Presteigne and Radnor Valley and primary schools.

We are very proud of our competitors, they all performed brillianty and showed sportsmanship but we must give our congratulations to our girls who won their races.


'Happy Halloween' from the Juniors!!!

Party time…! Thank you to FOS for helping!



Have a spooky but safe half-term holiday!

Science Day!

What an amazing day! The children were so excited to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world through four very exciting and different scientific challenges.

The pupils explored electricity through making circuits that made bulbs glow and buzzers buzz.

Volcanoes erupted in the classroom through mixing different materials together.

The children loved seeing forces at work by dropping materials off the pirate ship and timing how quickly they fell.

Pupils made boats from tin foil and tested whether they could float in the water tray.

A fun filled day with lots of new scientific learning! DSC03130 DSC03131 DSC03132 DSC03133 DSC03134 DSC03135 DSC03136 DSC03137 DSC03138 DSC03139

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Warwick Castle School Trip!

All of KS2 went on a visit to Warwick Castle yesterday and had a fantastic time!  There was so much to do and see, and the weather was extremely kind to us!  All of our pupils behaved brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  A big thank you goes out to Miss Chidgey for organising the trip and also to FOS who subsidised the trip- diolch yn fawr 🙂

Photos to follow next week!