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School Motto – Caru Duw (Welsh)

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PDG Spending Plan 2018-19 (updated November 2018)

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The Governing Body of Knighton Church in Wales Primary School

Should you have any queries or concerns please contact the School Governors through the school office (01547 528691).

Chair of Governors: Mrs Eirlys Spawton

Headteacher: Mrs Mary Strong

Clerk to the Governors: Mrs Beth Groves

Vice-Chair: Mrs Sara Spencer (Parent Governor)

Mrs Julia Llewellyn-Roberts (LEA)

Councillor Angelique Williams (LEA)

Mrs Chris Branford (Town Council)

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Friends of School

Meeting Minutes

FOS Meeting Minutes – 10th November 2016

Friends of School Committee Members

Chairperson:  Louise Hardwick                                                                                               Treasurer:  Laura Watkins                                                                                                       Secretary:  Sam Davies

Committee members

Rose Huffer, Jane Jones, Vanessa Scott, Debbie Price, Helen Evans, Marie Powell Ruell, Rachael Davies, Faith Jones Price, Bex Williams, Jemma Croker, Hannah Davies, Cats Cadwallader, Vicky Benavente, Stuart Turton, Charlene Turton, Jackie Shaw, Philippa Gough, Lin Rees, Camilla Cadwallader, Lee Davies, Tuesday Ash, Claire Morris, Gemma Alderton and Mandy Foster.

Friends of School Events

Table Top Sale, Sunday 13th November – Thank you to everyone who supported this event.  We made £357.

We are very lucky to have an active and willing group of parents who form our Friends of School committee.



Thank you for buying us some new recorders.


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Knighton Church in Wales Primary School
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Phone: 01547 528691


Dosbarth Gwennol

Spring Term 2016

Welcome to the Spring Term in Gwennol

This term our topic is Out and About.

We shall also be learning about Santes Dynwen, St Davids Day, Chinese New Year, Spring, World Book Day and Easter.

This year we will be using the website to share messages. If you are unable to access the internet please let us know as we will then write messages in the home reader diary.

Important things to remember:

Please label all of your child’s clothes – uniform, coats, PE kits, water bottles, book bags and wellies.

Every Day: Home reader books and spelling books

Tuesday: Swimming kit

Thursday: PE kit

Friday: Reading with parents before registration at 8.50am, spelling test

Resourced Based Specialist Centre

Working together for your child.

To help your child progress please make sure his/her reading book and yellow reading record is in his/her bag everyday for school. Read 4 times a week at home if possible and sign the book. This helps the word or number targets stay in his/her mind.

When we work together we make progress more quickly.

Diolch J Phillips

We hope to walk and visit places around Knighton. If you are able to accompany us please let us know.

If you are able to help us by going in the swimming pool or with reading please let us know.

If you have any concerns about any matter please talk to a member of staff or phone the school office. We are always happy to help.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Blower, Mrs Emmens

Parents Information

Welcome to Autumn term 2015 in Gwennol / Mrs Blower

Our topic this term is ‘teganau’ (toys)

In Design and Technology we will be learning about puppets and designing and making hand puppets from felt. If you have any puppets at home that we could handle or display please bring them in.

We will be investigating how toys have changed and looking at toys that our parents and grandparents used to play with. We would love a grandparent or parent to come in to  talk to the children about toys they had when they were little. If you are interested please speak to Mrs Blower. Also, if anyone has any old toys they could bring in to show the children please see Mrs Blower.

In science we will be looking at the human body and our skeletons and thinking about how we move.

‘Places’ is another area of study this term. This will include thinking about where we live, identifying features of our locality and creating maps.

In ICT we will be using search engines and the internet to find out about our theme work. We will use a variety of programs to present our work in different ways.

Special people, symbols and belonging is the focus of our RE work this term.

Our creative curriculum will include listening to the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky and using clay to create sculptures of toys.

In literacy we will be studying a range of texts including letters, diaries and poems. We will explore the features of these texts and use these features in our writing.

Our mathematics work will include using the four operations to calculate, fractions, money, measure, shape and time. We will also develop our problem solving skills.

Monday – spellings given
Tuesday – swimming/changing home readers
Wednesday – maths games sent home to borrow for a week
Thursday – PE
Friday – spelling test/changing home readers

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school at all times.

Book bags should be brought to school daily with reading books, reading records and spelling book inside.


Please support your child in their reading development. Practise at home is so important and just five minutes every day can make a huge difference.

Spellings are to be practised during the week please, either in the spelling book or on scrap paper.

Autumn 2014 Activities

Welcome back, I hope you all had a fabulous Summer break. I am looking forward to starting a busy and exciting term in Knighton.

This term our topic is ‘Fighting Fit’. In our Literacy work we will be studying a variety of texts relating to keeping ourselves fit and healthy. A list of these texts will be sent out separately. However, if you have any additional books at home that you think may be suitable, please don’t hesitate to send them into school with your child, they would be much appreciated.

In Numeracy, your child will be covering the following areas; ordering numbers to 100, addition, subtraction, money, length, shape, angles, time, and sorting objects. These areas will all be covered in a topic based approach.

The topic also will involve children investigating and comparing the differences between themselves and children that lived in the past. So if you have any old toys that you may feel could be useful, please don’t hesitate to send them in with your child.

We will also be investigating healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet.

In their creative work, the children will be composing, performing and appraising their own music and dance compositions based on ‘feelings’, as well as creating a self portrait.

The design and technology aspect of the curriculum will involve the children designing and making their own healthy snack.

The children will have the opportunity to act out various scenarios bilingually in the role play area. This term our role play will be set up as a Dentists. If you have any props that may be used in this area,they would be much appreciated.


This term, the children will be spending time outdoors, therefore it is essential that they are dressed appropriately i.e. Wellies and coats everyday.

We have weekly PE lessons every Tuesday, so children will need to ensure they bring their kit in on a Monday and leave it in school for that week.

This term, we will be swimming every Thursday afternoon. Therefore, it is essential that your child brings in their kit.

Here is a list of things that your child will need:

Monday – Home Readers and Maths Homework

Tuesday – P.E Kit and Library Book

Wednesday – Maths Games

Thursday – Home Readers and Swimming

Friday – Literacy Homework

If you would like any further details on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Miss J Morris and Mrs Emmens

Transformation of outdoor area

Dosbarth Eryr and Gwennol have recently re-developed the outdoor areas outside their classrooms. Many parents and members of the community very kindly donated time and resources to make this all possible. I’m sure you will agree it looks fantastic!

Here is the before and after:

After Before


sam_5523 sam_5521 sam_5520 sam_5518 sam_5517 sam_5511 sam_5512 sam_5513 sam_5514 sam_5515 sam_5510 sam_5509 sam_5507 sam_5506 sam_5505


Parent Readers

We are so lucky in Dosbarth Gwennol to have such supportive parents that join us every Friday morning to read with us.

SAM_5062 SAM_5061 SAM_5060 SAM_5059


Every Tuesday Morning between 9am and 9.30am, our ‘buddies’ from Glas-y-Dorlan  help us with a variety of activities.  Here are just a few of them……

sam_5044 sam_5043 sam_5042 sam_5041 sam_5039 sam_5038 sam_5037