Y corff

Mae blwyddyn 4 yn dysgu am y corf. Ble mae popeth yn y corff?


WC 8th March

Timetable WC 8th March



green maths WC 8th March

blue maths WC 8th March

red maths WC 8th March



Iaith WC 8th March

spellings WC 8th March

Tues Speech Marks WC 8th March



Activity 19(i) – Detective Game

Activity 20(i) – Monsters pictures

Activity 20(ii) – Descriptions sheet – Differentiated

Activity 20(iii) – Answers



RE WC 8th March


Schools will be fully open to primary school pupils as of the 15th of March. Well done for all your efforts through this lockdown- it hasn’t been easy for anyone but you’ve kept going!



WC 22nd Feb- complete

Here is the full week for you, apart from Thursday:

Timetable WC 22nd Feb

Maths Tues 23rd Feb

Iaith Tues 23rd Feb

green maths WC 22nd Feb

blue maths WC 22nd Jan

red maths WC 22nd Feb

RE Tues 23rd Feb

Iaith wed-fri






Dance- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZkGqUpR3lo 

Also, learn the lyrics to Sosban Fach…Sosban Fach…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1RBWxtHJYw