Apples for sale!

Our new Eco-committee have been picking apples from the quad. We will be selling them, in partnership with our Young Entrepreneurs, on Friday 21st September at the end of the school day: 20p per apple, cookers and eaters!

Any that looked a little rotten or ‘chewed’ have been left on the ground for the worms and other creepy crawlies or put into our compost bins. 

Cluster Cross-Country

On Thursday 9th November, we hosted the Cluster Cross-Country event.

We had nearly 30 pupils competing against pupils from Presteigne and Radnor Valley and primary schools.

We are very proud of our competitors, they all performed brillianty and showed sportsmanship but we must give our congratulations to our girls who won their races.


'Happy Halloween' from the Juniors!!!

Party time…! Thank you to FOS for helping!



Have a spooky but safe half-term holiday!

Presteigne Festival Project

On Thursday 19th November, Year 4 had the follow up visit from Michael Harvey (storyteller) and Lois Hopwood (artist) after our visit to Bleddfa Arts Centre.

First of all, he helped us to think about what makes a good story…we came up with: detail, action, dialogue, exaggeration and unexpected events. Then we recapped the story we wrote together, Michael split it into parts and each group wrote that part again but in more detail.

Year 3 and 4 walk around Knighton!

Year 3 and 4 walked to Knighton train station to see the train coming into the station. This was in a bid to inspire some poetry based on ‘From a Railway Carriage’ by Robert Louis Stevenson.

We then walked around Knighton, trying to follow the track thinking about what you could smell, taste, touch and hear from the railway carriage!

The train driver gave us a ‘toot-toot’ farewell and we practised our ‘Stop, look and listen’ to cross the railway track.

It is safe to say we had a few pairs of tired legs at the end of it!

Presteigne Festival Project

Last week, Year 3 and 4 went to Bleddfa Arts Centre as part of the Presteigne Festival Project. We worked with a storyteller and an artist. It was great, we went for walks by a stream whilst we were told stories, accompanied by some music. They will be visiting us in school to follow-up on the work we completed with the aim of creating something…who knows what?! We will have to wait and see!