Tudor Day!

Aderyn Du and Barcud Coch had an amazing day on Tuesday for our ‘Tudor Day’!

We dressed up; cooked Tudor recipes researched by the children; constructed Tudor houses designed from floor plans made by the children, and were challenged by a Tudor Treasure Trail, which involved reading co-ordinates and grid references.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Phil and Rebecca Morris for organising the Treasure Trail, and to Rebecca Morgan for doing such a great job helping the children with the cooking.  We really do appreciate it.

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Welcome back!

Welcome back everyone!

We hope that you have enjoyed your first couple of days in class and aren’t too tired!

The parent information sheet for Y5/6 will be posted soon and hard copies will be available from the office after Friday 8th September.


Mrs Rimmer, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Watts

Warwick Castle School Trip!

All of KS2 went on a visit to Warwick Castle yesterday and had a fantastic time!  There was so much to do and see, and the weather was extremely kind to us!  All of our pupils behaved brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  A big thank you goes out to Miss Chidgey for organising the trip and also to FOS who subsidised the trip- diolch yn fawr 🙂

Photos to follow next week!



Hopefully you have all had a lovely rest over half term and are ready for full steam ahead this half term!

We would very much appreciate it if you could bring in any ‘junk’ (boxes, tubes, plastic bottles) as we will be designing and making a prosthetic limb this half term.

Diolch yn fawr

Netball Progress!

Mrs Rimmer and Miss Lowe would like to say a huge thank you to all the budding netball players that have been working hard to increase their skills, as well as having fun on a Tuesday after school!   Keep up the good work this half term.

(Netball runs on a Tuesday from 3.30 until 4pm)