We have been investigating materials in science this week with Mr Clarke!

Literacy Enrichment in Y5/Y6

We enjoyed our literacy enrichment morning on Wednesday!  We were looking at spelling strategies and handwriting!

When the root of the word ends in d, de, s or se then we use ‘sion’

Extend- extension

Repulse- repulsion

Also when the root is ‘vert’ or ‘mit’

Divert- diversion

Submit- submission

W Y6

We discovered that we use ‘cian’ when it’s related to a job, like magician, musician, electrician and physician!

S Y6

When the root of a word ends in t or te then we use tion!






I Y5

Spike and Wellington

Our school ducks, Spike and Wellington, are enjoying their holidays- swimming in the river and plenty of food!

Y6 Leavers' service 2021

The children received their bibles and enjoyed a lovely farewell service, given by  Rev. Petra and John Meredith, not forgetting ‘Bob’ the snail!


We thoroughly enjoyed our sports afternoon on Wednesday!  The children in Y5 and Y6 organised the event themselves.  The ice-creams were a real treat- thank you to Friends of School for providing the funds to buy them!

Assessment time and a new arrival!

The children in Aderyn Du have been working hard this week completing assessments!  Well done everyone for doing their very best.

Luckily we have also been able to enjoy the arrival of Wellington to our class, a friend for Spike.  They are getting on very well now, despite Spike being a little scared of Wellington at first!


Our Y5 Bronze Sports Ambassadors took part in an online ‘Including Everyone’ Teams training session last half term.  This training looked at inclusion within sport and why it is so important for everyone to be able to participate in sports within school and outside of school.