Kung Fu Punctuation!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Literacy Enrichment Day last Wednesday!  Here are some photos of what we were doing!

Mantle commission work for 'The Age of Princes'

In Aderyn Du this week we have been working in groups on a Mantle commission about ‘The Age of Princes’!  Each group has designed a coat of arms as part of their work.  Below are the winning designs for each group!  The children thought hard about which colours, animals and patterns to use, explaining why they had chosen them e.g. red for blood, green for envy, pink for love, an eagle for flying high above other armies, a snake to represent a battle etc


Banner style vote!

Powys County Council wants to tell you when there are exciting changes to our schools. To do this, they want to find out which of their banners you like the best. Once everyone has voted, they will add up all the votes and see which one children like the best. They will then use this style when they have something to tell, or ask you.

Please copy and paste the link below into the bar where you usually type a web address, this will take you to a short Powys survey about your preferred style of banner.


Maths planning for W/B 06/07/2020

Hi everyone!

Hopefully you’ve managed to get on okay with the Abacus maths from this week- remember that if you’re not quite sure of something then it’s worth having a quick look on BBC Bitesize or if you’re coming into school then you can check on something with us then!  Mrs Watts will also be available daily on the Teams chat too!

Have a lovely weekend, it’s been a long week but fabulous seeing lots of you back in school!


Maths worksheets 06072020

Maths Planning for w/b 29/06/2020

Hi everyone!  Well we’re very excited that we get to see lots of you next week- in person! However we still have work to do at home!  Here is the Maths planning for next week- as always, please just let us know if you have any problems with it!  Have a lovely weekend 🙂



Monday Green/Light Blue work

Monday Dark Blue/Red work

Tuesday Green/Light Blue work

Tuesday Dark Blue/Red work part 1

Tuesday Dark Blue/Red part 2

Wednesday Green/Light Blue work

Wednesday Dark Blue/Red work part 1

Wednesday Dark Blue/Red work part 2

Thursday Green/Light Blue work

Thursday Dark Blue/Red work part 1

Thursday Dark Blue/Red work part 2

Friday Green/Light Blue work

Friday Dark Blue/Red work part 1

Friday Dark Blue/Red work part 2